Ponder Emporium

Nothing specifically and everything entirely

About February 15, 2011

To narrow my personal blog into one topic would be like asking a chef to specialize only in poaching. No fun. And with so many interests, how could I choose from eating, cooking, traveling, writing, reading, researching, planting, jewelry making, camping…? Let’s not forget photography, environmental consciousness (all those that know me know that I am OCD on this topic), the rain forest, coral reefs, beauty products, DIY projects, my head is spinning! No. The Ponder Emporium will enrapture the essence of all of those topics and then some. It is here for my friends and my family. It is here for future prospects. It is here mostly, however, for me. I will be turning 30 by year’s end and I want to put myself someplace where not only I see it. I have so many journals by my bedside table that nobody reads- not even me. And it’s some pretty profound stuff I’ve recently discovered. Journals that date back to, I gave Nick a valentine today at school but he still likes Marisa more; to, how is my family going to heal after dad’s death?

It’s time I put my journey to the Arctic Circle or that trip to Kauai someplace that can be resonated. Perhaps a little internet dust is better than bookshelf dust for these sorts of things. After all, don’t you want to know how to pry a snake from its deadly grip as I’ve researched after a very intense dream one night long ago? Aren’t you interested in the plethora of organic products on the market nowadays for just about anything? Did I just say nowadays? Maybe you are interested, maybe you aren’t. Whatever. This is my Ponder Emporium. It is here for me and for those that care. Let the pondering begin!


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